A fun way to manage chronic joint pain!

Reactiv connects you to a joint specialist who designs a plan of care for you and guides you through engaging Augmented Reality games to promote healthy movements.

All you need is a smartphone.

Download the app.

Download the Reactiv app from your smartphone

Meet your joint specialist.

Connect with a licensed therapist who will design your plan of care

Move. Play. Get Better.

Play games using exercise motions to reduce stiffness and pain in your joints

The technology

Our application uses your phone camera to track your movements and uses the motions to control interactive games.

Your specialist will guide you through the appropriate exercise motions.


The games become more advanced as you progress, providing you and your specialist with valuable data on your exercises.

Any phone can be used, no additional hardware is needed, and you can do your exercises from anywhere you want.

Everything at your fingertips


“With Reactiv, I feel like I’m happier and more independent and I feel like I’m in less pain. And that’s everything to me.” - Nikki

Playing Piano

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