"With Reactiv, I feel like I’m happier and more independent and I feel like I’m in less pain. And that’s everything to me."
- Nikki, CMC Joint Arthritis

Don't let arthritis get in the way.

Speak with an occupational therapist to help manage your pain today.


Virtual care for people with arthritis

Connect with a licensed occupational therapist who will provide guidance and select appropriate exercises for your needs.

Our therapists' approach is positive and fun, using interactive games  to help you engage with your care.

Your therapist will tailor the care to you with video tips, behavior & lifestyle adjustments and all the advice you need for your specific situation.

We are with you every step of the way

Using the Laptop

Get treatment, confidentially and from the comfort of your own home.

Access our clinical team via video call, review your customized treatment plan, and start living a fuller life. 

Use the Reactiv app to communicate directly with your therapist, via calls or text message.

Your therapist will come back with an answer for any issue you may have within 24 hours.


A key part of the care for arthritis involves moving your joints.

Reactiv has developed interactive games that make it a lot more fun to exercise.

Your therapist will provide the exercising games that are right for you.

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